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Epiphone casino bass

Didn't like it basx. But there was a manufacturer's tag saying that it had been inspected and I question how well or if they really did a final inspection. Also, as mentioned, it's an electric guitar, not an acoustic, so people shouldn't be complaining about it not being loud enough unplugged!

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Comments about Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar:. List of Basss players. I got the one in Vintage Sunburst I think it compliments the guitar best. The finish on my guitar looks great; the wood feels very thin and flimsy and the neck seems to be a bit thinner than usual. Epiphone casino, it jangles nice with the pickup switch in the center position and nice mellow tone in the neck position. I really wanted to like this guitar. Don't get me wrong the axe sounds great as is for the money but I like tinkering and it was worth bass effort.

The Epiphone Casino is a thinline hollow body electric guitar manufactured by Epiphone, In , Paul McCartney, The Beatles' bass player, was the first Beatle to acquire a Casino (a model), using it for his studio forays into guitar  Body‎: ‎maple (laminated). A visual knockout with vintage tone and lots of class. The Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar is the guitar that put Epiphone on the map. Ever since The Beatles. Epiphone Embassy PRO Bass. Toby Deluxe IV. Toby Deluxe-V. Thunderbird-IV. EB Goth Thunderbird-IV. Viola. Allen Woody Rumblekat. Thunderbird PRO-IV.‎Thunderbird Vintage PRO Bass · ‎Epiphone Embassy PRO Bass · ‎Thunderbird-IV.

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